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Where the Peacocks Sing: a Palace, a Prince, and the Search for Home by Alison Singh Gee is a charming memoir of a jet-setting journalist who falls in love with the heir to a ramshackle, one hundred-room palace in India, and finds home and love in the most unexpected of places.

Alison Gee’s life seems complete. Raised in Southern California, she has a glamorous job as a magazine writer in Hong Kong, owns a closet full of expensive clothes, and dines out in fancy restaurants every night with her Oxford-edu...cated British boyfriend, who lavishes her with expensive gifts. So, why does Alison feel there is still something missing from her all too spectacular life?

Enter Ajay Singh, an Indian journalist, whom Alison meets at a conference in Hong Kong. When the two are introduced, both feel an instant connection. Although Alison finds herself swooning over her new suitor, she also knows that Ajay lives a dramatically simpler lifestyle than her own, and she questions whether their romance is just a fantasy. But as their relationship grows, Alison discovers she is open to change in her life, even if it means giving up luxury for a deeper kind of love.

What Alison doesn’t know, but learns after their engagement, is that Ajay is a prince (of sorts) and his family owns a hundred-room palace called Mokimpur in India. However, the palace is a broken down relic in desperate need of repair, and Ajay’s family cannot afford the renovations. When Alison and Ajay visit his family, Alison is fascinated by Mokimpur but must adjust to the many challenges of living, not only in rural India, but at the rundown palace, where even simple amenities are few. She must also learn how to deal with Ajay’s intimidating mother, who eyes her son’s fiancé suspiciously and even points out her dandruff during a family dinner.

A modern-day fairy tale, Where the Peacocks Sing is a funny, insightful, and deeply moving story that takes readers on a cross-cultural journey from the manicured gardens of Beverly Hills, to the bustling streets of Hong Kong and finally to the rural Indian countryside as Alison comes to terms with her complicated new family, leaves the modern world behind, and learns the true meaning of home.

Alison Singh Gee is an award-winning international journalist whose work has been translated into eight languages and has appeared in People, Vanity Fair, InStyle, Marie Claire, International Herald Tribune, The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. Singh Gee lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.

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Published: St. Martin's Press - February 19th, 2013