Georgiana, Like So Many (Paperback)

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Georgiana, Like So Many immerses the reader into the world of a Connecticut woman whose lifetime spanned the first woman's rights movement. However, like so many women of her era, she was not one of the trailblazers. She did not march in suffrage parades, go to jail, use a hatchet to knock down bars, or perform any newsworthy firsts. She was one of the many women who stayed in the domestic sphere, a woman who gave her "full share" to happiness in the home.

It's a true story. Like so many women of her era, Georgiana was hardly recorded in history. Excerpts from her father's Civil War letters reveal the heart-wrenching horror she was exposed to as a young teen. Newspaper clips of her musical husband, her colorful brother, and the events around her offer insights into her immediate world. Her own story emerges.

Did she and women like her lead fulfilling lives during the era? Readers can decide.

(Companion book, The Civil War Letters of Abner C. Smith, contains the full content of Georgiana's father's letters during the Civil War.)

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