Relating to Ancient Learning: As It Influences the 21st Century (Hardcover)

Relating to Ancient Learning: As It Influences the 21st Century By Gary W. Wietgrefe Cover Image
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An engaging sequel to Relating to Ancient Culture is Wietgrefe's (pronounced wit'grif) thought-provoking Relating to Ancient Learning As it Influencesthe 21st Century. Topics include:
Experience cannot be passed on; it must belearned.
Like destroyers of ancient libraries, systemscan vanish not just by destruction, but also bychanged learning systems.
Many children have been given everythingincluding free and subsidized education into their twenties. Consequently, their minds havenot developed abilities to satisfy basic needs.
Some of the world's most fascinating and innovative problem solvers ofthe past two centuries were independent thinkers. School was an aid,not a solution.
Traditional learning relies on memory. The computer literate do not.
World transition to electronic artificial memory may be the biggestsetback in human history.
The world does not survive on those in school. It survives and changeswhen people act, work, think, are responsible, and take risks.

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