Is It My Fault Mummy?: And other true stories from the nation's favourite foster carer (Paperback)

Is It My Fault Mummy?: And other true stories from the nation's favourite foster carer By Maggie Hartley Cover Image
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Maggie Hartley is one of the UK's most prolific foster mothers. This inspiring collection includes three heartbreaking, true short stories about the children who have passed through Maggie's care.


Seven-year-old Paris is trapped in a prison of guilt. Devastated after the death of her baby brother, Joel, Maggie faces one of her most heartbreaking cases yet as she tries to break down the wall of guilt surrounding this damaged little girl.


Twelve-year-old Meg arrives at Maggie's after a fire destroys the children's home she's been living in. Traumatized by the fire and angry and vulnerable, having been put into care by her mother, Meg is lashing out at everyone around her. Can Maggie reach this damaged little girl before it's too late? And before Meg's destructive behavior puts Maggie's life - and the lives of the other children in her care - at risk?
These heartwarming and inspiring short stories show the power of a foster mother's love, and her determination to help the children who come into her care.

Note: Two of these stories have previously been published as individual ebooks.

About the Author

Maggie Hartley has fostered more than 300 children while being a foster carer for over twenty years. Taking on the children other carers often can't cope with, Maggie helps children that are deemed 'unadoptable' because of their behaviour or the extreme trauma that they've been through. She's looked after refugees, supported children through sexual abuse and violence court cases, cared for teenagers on remand and taught young mums how to parent their newborn babies.

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Publication Date: July 19th, 2022
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