A Child's Garden of Verses (Paperback)

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"A Child's Garden of Verses" is Robert Louis Stevenson's classic collection of children's poems. The following poems are included: To Alison Cunningham, Bed in Summer, A Thought, At the Sea-Side, Young Night-Thought, Whole Duty of Children, Rain, Pirate Story, Foreign Lands, Windy Nights, Travel, Singing, Looking Forward, A Good Play, Where Go the Boats?, Auntie's Skirts, The Land of Counterpane, The Land of Nod, My Shadow, System, A Good Boy, Escape at Bedtime, Marching Song, The Cow, The Happy Thought, The Wind, Keepsake Mill, Good and Bad Children, Foreign Children, The Sun Travels, The Lamplighter, My Bed is a Boat, The Moon, The Swing, Time to Rise, Looking-Glass River, Fairy Bread, From a Railway Carriage, Winter-Time, The Hayloft, Farewell to the Farm, North-West Passage, The Unseen Playmate, My Ship and I, My Kingdom, Picture-Books in Winter, My Treasures, Block City, The Land of Story-Books, Armies in the Fire, The Little Land, Night and Day, Nest Eggs, The Flowers, Summer Sun, The Dumb Soldier, Autumn Fires, The Gardener, Historical Associations, To Willie and Henrietta, To My Mother, To Auntie, To Minnie, To My Name-Child, To Any Reader.

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