Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy (Paperback)

Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy By Timothy Paul Jones, David Gundersen, Benjamin Galan Cover Image
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Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy is an explanation of end-times prophecy and the Book of Revelation from several Christian viewpoints. Bible prophecy says that Jesus will come again, and Christians have wondered for centuries when and how that would take place.

Includes Book of Revelation Charts and More than 50 Charts, Diagrams, and Illustrations
Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy includes all of the basic end-time prophecy charts Christians need to navigate the Book of Revelation, the Book of Daniel, and other prophetic Bible passages:
  • Book of Revelation Charts
  • 4 Views of the End Times Comparison Chart
  • Comparison Charts and Eschatology Charts of Amillennialism, Dispensational Premillennialism, Premillennialism, and Postmillennialism
  • Bible Dispensational Chart and Dispensationalism Time Line
  • Overview of all of the key Bible Prophecy passages
  • Definitions and explanations of all key words and concepts, such as end times, rapture, dispensations, book of Revelation, apocalypse, and more.

This book is packed full of full-color Bible prophecy charts and eschatology charts and is fully reproducible. Just photocopy these Revelation charts for your Bible study, adult Sunday school class, or use as small group curriculum. This book explains each view of the end times, so that you know what you believe and why.

This overview of Bible prophecy is an easy-to-understand book that examines key portions of Scripture and shows different ways that Christians have interpreted them. This handy end-times explanation includes several timelines of the events before the second coming of Jesus Christ. This book includes those end-times prophecies charts, and helps people understand their own beliefs better, no matter which view they hold.

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Publication Date: October 20th, 2011
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