In Purpose, Not On Purpose (Paperback)

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When sex abuse and crime are seen through innocent eyes, they become embedded into one's core--thus, producing criminal behavior, patterns of abuse, and violence. Meet Tyshann. Journey with her as she turns from innocent eyes to street criminal and abused living. She knows that she wants to be a better individual and live a better life, but she is a product of her environment. She wants a different way, but how will she escape her reality? When she gets tired of her abuser/monster under her bed, will she have to kill him or keep letting him have his fun? Most children are outside playing, enjoying their energy and youth. Sometimes that is not the case for the less unfortunate children. Tyshann thinks of running away every day. When she is not dreaming of running away from her unfortunate circumstance, she envisions a happy life--one with butterflies and rainbows. Those thought and visions are interrupted when she runs into another unfortunate circumstance. Will this one end her life? She often finds herself asking why. What is the purpose in this situation? Every time she thinks she found a peace of mind, bad things are sure to surface. Is she too gullible? Zero tolerance to nonsense is starting to make more sense. She decides to take the aggressive approach to these situations. She is not going to take it anymore. Tyshann finds herself on the deep end. She decides that she will no longer be a victim. Tyshann's means of protecting herself and family go to extremes. She has to now live with blood on her hands. Her hands are now dirty. How can she wipe those bloodstains off her hands? Will she ever get to live positive and productive, or will she have to suffer the consequences of her actions during her circumstance?

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ISBN: 9781644626450
ISBN-10: 1644626454
Publisher: Page Publishing
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2019
Pages: 212
Language: English