An Heir of Innocence? (Paperback)

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A beautiful young widow's inheritance and her life are threatened by her deceased husband's estranged family. This is complicated by their nefarious business associates. Walking a tight rope between the probate court where her fortune is tied up and a criminal court where she could lose everything, her lawyer finds multiple forms of justice for his client and her tormentors. He does this using the law as both his sword and shield, all within the confines of a legal ethics minefield and at risk for his own well being. The author has been writing 60 years for law clients. His first book "Rich & Judgment Proof" was a complement to his estate and financial planning law practice with its multiple asset protection strategies. Next came "A Widowers' Journey In Faith, Love And Good Humor," a memoir to his late wife Marilyn and introduction to his new wife Friederike who rescued him from that grief. His next book "The Chartreuse Suitcase" was a fictional murder mystery drawn from the archives of his law practice. Its probate court venue is appropriate for a story involving wealth, greed, lust, and multiple suspicious deaths. The reader is left as judge and jury in our court of cultural morality. This new book, "An Heir of Innocence?" is again drawn from his old probate court files as yet another fictional murder mystery. Wealth, greed, lust, and even more suspicious characters remain the common denominator. You the reader will again be judge and jury. Enjoy.

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ISBN: 9781662823916
ISBN-10: 1662823916
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2021
Pages: 178
Language: English