One-Armed Jack: Uncovering the Real Jack the Ripper (Paperback)

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Bringing a completely new analytical approach to the identity of the most notorious murderer in history,Sarah Bax Horton presents compelling evidence and names the real Jack the Ripper

This highly revelatory book, based on original research and completely new analysis, presents a compelling new suspect as the most notorious serial killer of all time. Using a different analytical approach, for the first time, Sarah Bax Horton identifies a named perpetrator as Jack the Ripper by linking eye-witness accounts of the killer’s distinctive physical characteristics to his official medical records. It argues that his broken left arm, which left him unable to work in early 1888, was one of his triggers to kill as part of a serious physical and mental decline caused by severe epilepsy.

This new perpetrator fits the profile as stated by the police of the day: a local man of low class of whom they became aware after the final murder, when they launched an unsuccessful surveillance operation against him. As has never been done before, the author – an experienced former government researcher with specific expertise in research and analysis – formulates a complete analysis of the killer and his methodology, including how he accosted his victims, where he took them to their deaths, his unique modus operandi of a blitz-style attack, and how he escaped from each crime scene without detection.

Each of the six murders – from Martha Tabram to Marie Kelly – is discussed and reconstructed as perpetrated by this man, with his escalating violence clearly demonstrated.

About the Author

Sarah Bax Horton is an experienced former civil servant for the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. She has a MA Honours degree in English and Foreign Languages (German) from Somerville College, Oxford. Her interest in genealogy and a family member related to the Jack the Ripper case inspired her to research the lives of the personalities involved and to establish the previously unknown connection between the perpetrator and an eyewitness in the Catherine Eddowes case.

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Publication Date: February 27th, 2024
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