The Black History Truth - Jamaica: The Sharpest Thorn in Britain's Caribbean Colonies (Paperback)

The Black History Truth - Jamaica: The Sharpest Thorn in Britain's Caribbean Colonies By Pamela Gayle Cover Image
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Reviewed by Astrid Lustulin for Readers' Favorite:

It is time to learn the stories of some nations in a more equitable way - not from the point of view of the conquerors but of the oppressed. This is why books like The Black History Truth: Jamaica by Pamela Gayle arouse great interest in a conscious reader. This book tells the story of The Sharpest Thorn in Britain's Caribbean Colonies, focusing on the 16th to 19th centuries. Through extensive use of sources and images, Gayle sheds light on the injustices perpetrated by the British and analyses the stigmatization of Eurocentric historiography, which portrayed unfavorable behaviors and customs of groups of people it could not understand.

Although the subject is complex, this book is clear and precise. Gayle tackles so many topics that she arouses the admiration of readers with her profound knowledge of Jamaica. She is very direct when she blames the British, but the evidence she brings is overwhelming. In The Black History Truth: Jamaica, you will not only find descriptions of struggles and injustices but also valuable information on local heroes and heroines, such as Nana Yaa Asantewaa and Queen Nanny, as well as customs that Europeans have misunderstood. After reading this book, readers will understand why Jamaica was actually (as the subtitle describes it) The Sharpest Thorn in Britain's Caribbean Colonies. I recommend this book to all those who want to see the history of humanity from a new perspective.

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