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Unseen Depth of the Heart is the first book in the series "Tales of An African Dynasty"

This creative work of literature, storytelling and art will take you on a ride through the systematically guided journey of a Yoruba dynasty by the natural and supernatural. The journey of a King's vision of progress in early organized society although love, deception and betrayal turned out to be challenges that always found a way of getting in the way. This one of a kind story is guaranteed to entertain, educate and captivate. Also an amazing read for travelers, story lovers, and anyone who enjoys to learn new things and have a great read at the same time.

A sneak peak into the story "Unseen Depths of The Heart"

In the quest for an heir to the throne of Ikire Kingdom, supernatural powers are consulted even as lust reigns over prudence and deceit becomes an adopted way of life. Power and prosperity exude from King Adeori, whose lineage and ancestors have ruled the Kingdom for many centuries.

But the sins of ancestors are revealed and threaten to end the dynasty's reign of more than half a millennium. As every successful King needs the unwavering support of his Queen, only Adeori's Queens hold the key to finding the silver lining in this unprecedented dark cloud. Will they help breathe life into this great Kingdom or not? Only time will tell.

As the levels of treachery run deep in the autocratic powers and remain hidden to the naked eye, deploying innate wisdom and the visions of their inner consciousness is paramount for the King and his council before the situation becomes irreparable.

This powerful and captivating story promises to take you on an extraordinary ride that explores ancient and modern Yoruba literature as well as one of the first African traditions that still exists today and will remain for centuries to come.

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ISBN: 9781913674496
ISBN-10: 1913674495
Publisher: Conscious Dreams Publishing
Publication Date: June 12th, 2021
Pages: 130
Language: English