The Final Kingdom: Horizons of the Fourth Political Theory and Geopolitics of the Apocalypse (Paperback)

The Final Kingdom: Horizons of the Fourth Political Theory and Geopolitics of the Apocalypse By Pyotr Volkov Cover Image
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Pyotr Volkov (born in Uruguay as Diego Daniel Garc a), is an anthropologist and historian with a special interest in past and current events related to the great history of Slavdom and Orthodox Christianity. For an entire decade, he worked to create an ambitious book in which Orthodox Christianity is put at the center of all political, economical, philosophical, and anthropological considerations which shape our modern world. In this very encompassing book, the author provides the reader with special tools to reach an almost impossible task: a holistic Meta-ideology (Normativism), being characterized by comprehension of the parts of reality as intimately interconnected to the grand whole of the divine and earthly, the spiritual and material opposites. The long journey expressed through this book goes all the way from ancient religions, the developing of Christian Orthodoxy, and contemporary philosophers like the polemical Russian thinker Aleksandr Dugin, whose provocative Fourth Political Theory is an invitation for the creation of new alternatives in the path to human salvation through civilizational redemption.

Through the results of his research, Volkov made clear that this work is by no way just a political and theological manifesto, but more like his final political and theological testament and a clear warning to present and future generations about the grim future provided by liberal civilization and deviation from the immortal teachings of the Holy Fathers. In addition, Volkov proposes bold planning to safeguard the great legacy of what Guillaume Faye called "Euro-Siberia" a new geopolitical paradigm different from both Eurasianism and Atlanticism, thus an opportunity for Christian Orthodoxy to overcome its great challenges.

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Publication Date: June 1st, 2021
Pages: 412
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