A Wreath of Red Roses: Heathcliff Lennox Investigates (Paperback)

A Wreath of Red Roses: Heathcliff Lennox Investigates By Karen Baugh Menuhin Cover Image
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Murder, Mystery and a dog, and cat, of distinction

Book 9 in the Heathcliff Lennox series

A mediaeval moated Manor, and a series of strange deaths. Scotland Yard take an interest, and decide Lennox and Swift can investigate, but nothing is as simple as it looks and the bright days of Spring take a sinister turn.

Barton-Regis is without an heir, the last Lord died, leaving 6 illegitimate off-spring. Only one can inherit, and they must vie for it according to the task of the Talents. But there is more than just sibling rivalry, there's a monster among them, a killer who is as clever as he is insane. Which of them is the imposter, and can Lennox and Swift uncover the culprit before more die at his hands?

Major Heathcliff Lennox - ex WW1 war pilot, 6feet 3inch, tousled dark blond hair, age around 30 - named after the hero of Wuthering Heights by his romantically minded mother - much to his great annoyance.

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ISBN: 9781916294790
ISBN-10: 1916294790
Publisher: Little Dog Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: February 20th, 2023
Pages: 324
Language: English