The Shoes I Walked In (Paperback)

The Shoes I Walked In By Dorothea Salbi Cover Image
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Not the life I would have picked. Not the life I understood. But it was the life I survived. You can survive, too. Not only can you survive, but you can forgive The Shoes I Walked In were uncomfortable, but I won't complain. Every step I took in those painful shoes, brought me closer to the life of freedom I live today. Don't delay. You too can walk away from abuse, addiction, abandonment, bondage, & looking for love in all the wrong places.

Author, Dorothea Salbi, authentically shares her story to meet you in your place of pain as an example of courage, grace, love, forgiveness, recovery, and reconciliation. Drugs couldn't stop the pain and people couldn't plug up the void. Dorothea gives all the Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ and desires to share His genuine love with you.

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ISBN: 9781953241405
ISBN-10: 1953241409
Publisher: Transformed Publishing
Publication Date: November 24th, 2022
Pages: 82
Language: English