Terms of Light (Paperback)

Terms of Light By Eon Stryker, Eze Stryker Cover Image
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Daylight has been locked away for the crime of being too Human. He, along with a batch of other genetically engineered military or GEMs, have been sentenced to the depths of outer space in a prison at the heart of an abandoned mining facility inside a comet. Years later after their rebellion has been forgotten, he holds on to two truths, the sun took away the world and he would do anything to escape.

Enter Soren, an alien hybrid whose accidental transfer to their icy prison gives Daylight and his closest fellow prisoners an opportunity to escape.

So, Daylight orchestrates a break for the stars, knowing they may all die, but preferring a death they choose over one chosen for them. These lost prisoners embrace the single lesson that Humans seem to forget time and time again, that even dying stars can still ignite revolutions.

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ISBN: 9781958898123
ISBN-10: 1958898120
Publisher: Sahaqiel Books
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2023
Pages: 360
Language: English