Fabian Essays in Socialism: By G. Bernard Shaw Edited By G. Bernard Shaw (Paperback)

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Written for the Fabian Society near the close of the 19th century, these essays aim to explain and clarify the principles of socialism and social democracy.
At the time they were authored, socialism and the trade union movement were rapidly gaining pace in England and wider Europe. The uniting of workers as a political movement was a gradual process, with hostility from the owners of manufacture and the political establishment obstacles to those aiming for socialist policy to be enacted by government.
The intellectual support for socialism was, by the 1890s, already pronounced in England - as such these essays were overseen and edited by George Bernard Shaw, who was a prominent playwright. Throughout his career, Shaw would lend his talents and reputation to promoting the socialist cause, which he felt was the only way to ensure economic justice and security for the vast majority of the world's population.
Shaw prepared and revised these essays as lectures, which were to be delivered to audiences within London. At the time, the ideas of social democracy were in an early and developmental phase, albeit informed by the learned minds of those supporting the movement. Thus we receive explanations of trade unionism, the regulation of property and production, the establishment of worker's rights, and a harnessing of industry toward creating prosperity for all.
Although the public at the time were sympathetic to democratic socialism, they were confused as to methods behind its implementation. One of the essayists, Annie Besant, keenly addresses the 'How?'. Other essays meanwhile are more general in tone, concerning policy; plans for the future; and the moral cause for socialism.

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