The Upside-Down World: Meetings with the Dutch Masters (MP3 CD)

The Upside-Down World: Meetings with the Dutch Masters By Benjamin Moser, Paul Boehmer (Read by) Cover Image
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Arriving as a young writer in an ancient Dutch town, Benjamin Moser found himself visiting--casually at first, and then more and more obsessively--the country's great museums. Beyond the sainted Rembrandt--who harbored a startling darkness--and the mysterious Vermeer, whose true subject, it turned out, was lurking in plain sight, Moser got to know a whole galaxy of geniuses: the doomed virtuoso Carel Fabritius, the anguished wunderkind Jan Lievens, the deaf prodigy Hendrik Avercamp. Year after year, as he tried to make a life for himself in the Netherlands, Moser found friends among these centuries-dead artists. And he found that they, too, were struggling with the same questions that he was. Why do we make art? What even is art, anyway--and what is an artist? What does it mean to succeed as an artist, and what does it mean to fail? The Upside-Down World is an invitation to ask these questions, and to turn them on their heads: to look, and then to look again. This is Holland and its great artists as we've never seen them before. And it's a highly personal coming-of-age-story, twenty years in the making: a revealing self-portrait by one of the most acclaimed writers of his generation.

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ISBN: 9798212929783
Publisher: HighBridge Audio
Publication Date: October 31st, 2023
Language: English