An african child: what happened to an african child? (Paperback)

An african child: what happened to an african child? By Phumudzo Mudau Cover Image
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Although it is said that, when you are born in Africa, Africa is also born in you and the love affair with your homeland begins. What does it mean to be an African? However we often take for granted the gifts we are bestowed and so it is necessary as a reminder to ask: What made us decide this? Where did we get these ideas? Often we develop them without any trials or proof, based in the messages we have been given growing up. What really happened to an African child? One would say "your surroundings (culture, environment) and people you grew up with couldn't allowed that to happen, they discouraged you and limited your thoughts.Characters in this play: From three different families with the same values (education as an African philosophy, success is achieved only through education);Poor Family-determined: A family of one single mother, with her two children: Mother, Masika (born on a rainy day), 42. Fifteen years of being a single mother. Has toughened her but she is still a dreamer. She seems to be caring about her children. Fast fiery and full of energy. Her first born: Tshipezeze (smartest), 17. Is a sweat looking 17 years old, who lacks any physical, intimidating attributes marks very complicated and dangerous anger, It is hard to tell if he's talking to you or himself. Her last born: Chinedu (God leads), 14.A down to earth girl, seeks father figure. Poor choice of words often confuse to tell if she is sad or happy.Average family-lazy: A family of both parents, with their two children.Father, Cayman (alligator), 44.A drunken father who think of his children as not his and claim to be the source of everything at home. His wife: Mbali (like a flower), 40. Every word that comes out of her mouth is like a seed planted in a fertile soil. How she always have the right thing to say. One way round, she is a bittersweet woman, full of anger and regrets.Their first born: Masego (divine favor), 17. Let other people experience be your teacher, that's her zeal to be different. So clumsy and her kindness seems to challenge her surroundings.Their second born: Akachi (god's hand), 14.An observer and visionary boy, who seems to be caring too much about the community and home situation. A child of a kind.A rich family-spoiled: A family of both parents, with their two children. Father: Dakarai (exult), 39.It is a family apartment that seems overgrown with expensive things, just a show off of how rich father do things. A men who knows more about living a business lifestyle than just a normal life. Full of himself.His wife: Nakato (the second twin), 36.Money or nothing, everything has a figure and in this community she is the figure of those who are rich. How money often talk, no one seem to be coming close to her.Their first born: Ebele (compassion), 17. A copycat, everything daddy has is what I want to have kind of a child. As long as it's a yes from mommy it is to him, such a mama's boy.Their last born: Nia (purposeful), 15.How she is, men stare when she walks by, with her perfect smile.In a community: A teacher, at school: Jabari (courageous), 27.A man who doesn't take no, as an answer. Just like if harshness flows in his vain. As an animal in classroom, learners are scared of him.Naidoo (Patient), 42.A down to earth woman. In modern days one would call her a "game changer" and a shoulder to rely on. With her so much experience, anyone with broken soul would call her "a Samaritan woman"Daria (Sea), 27.In the path of life. Everyone need justice to be served. Supporting your worst enemy to get justice done, one would say when referring to this man.Freeman (Free-born man), 40.As they say "when days are dark, friends are few". After living a life of no cent, he is destined for vengeance and revenge while deep down he is a good man.

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