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Selim III, Social Control and Policing in Istanbul at the End of the Eighteenth Century: Between Crisis and Order (Ottoman Empire and Its Heritage #56) By Betül Başaran Cover Image
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The Mandate of Heaven: Strategy, Revolution, and the First European Translation of Sunzi's Art of War (1772) (Jesuit Studies #26) By Adam Parr Cover Image
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The Theatre of the Street: Public Violence in Antwerp During the First Half of the Twentieth Century (Crime and City in History #2) By Antoon Vrints Cover Image
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The Years of Jesuit Suppression, 1773-1814: Survival, Setbacks, and Transformation: Brill's Research Perspectives in Jesuit Studies By Paul Shore Cover Image
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The Zulu-Boer War 1837-1840 (History of Warfare #132) By Michal Leśniewski Cover Image
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Scandinavism: Overlapping and Competing Identities in the Nordic World, 1770-1919 (National Cultivation of Culture #29) By Tim Van Gerven Cover Image
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Brill's Companion to George Grote and the Classical Tradition (Brill's Companions to Classical Reception #1) By Kyriakos N. Demetriou (Editor) Cover Image
By Kyriakos N. Demetriou (Editor)
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Napoleon and the Operational Art of War: Essays in Honor of Donald D. Horward (History of Warfare #110) By Michael V. Leggiere (Volume Editor) Cover Image
By Michael V. Leggiere (Volume Editor)
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China on the Sea: How the Maritime World Shaped Modern China (China Studies #21) By Zheng Yangwen Cover Image
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Sailing Shipping and Maritime Labor in Camogli (1815--1914): Floating Communities in the Global World (Brill's Studies in Maritime History #13) By Leonardo Scavino Cover Image
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Java Under the Cultivation System (Verhandelingen Van Het Koninklijk Instituut Voor Taal- #150) By R. Van Niel Cover Image
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de Parels En de Kroon: Het Koningshuis En de Koloniën By Geert Oostindie Cover Image
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