Very cute neighborhood store. We were visiting from out of town. My daughter is an avid reader and it is always a treat for her to get a book. The staff was super helpful in finding books that fit both of our interests and we planned on buying two books, one for me and one for her and ended up walking out with four!  Coming from somebody who prefers to check books out from the library...the fact that we walked out with four books is a testament to the staff and their good selection. -- Megan B.

I was visiting recently.  I loved this shop as well as the wonderful customer service.  I selected a couple of books on the shelf with Robin's reccomendation.  All were exactly what I was looking for.  Perfect summer fiction readings.  I'll be back and reccomend.  Thanks for a couple of perfect beach readings.  Cheers! -- Karen D.

Independent bookstores are a rare breed, especially with the rise of Amazon and other online retailers. It makes a personal choice impersonal, and being able to browse a perspective purchase is a fun way to find out if the impulse was genuine or not. Located on Highway One, parking is available from the lot on the street behind. 
The selection was nicely arranged and currated. In many ways I miss how the original (non-corporate) Border's Books was. Employees groomed and oversaw certain sections and their choices were better than computer-generated algorithms. That's the feeling Laguna Beach Books evoked as I perused the cookbooks. The Paris themed section was a treat, and as I went deeper into the store the discoveries continued. 
The vibe was nice and the open access to boutiques in the same complex makes this a great way to avoid the heat and walk off a satisfying meal. Support your indie sellers! Did I mention they are dog friendly? -- Paul S.

Large selection of books, especially fiction.  But solid non-fiction, as well.  Fun gift items and cards.  Staff is terrific at helping you pick out books and happy to do special orders. -- Deborah E.

Such a delightful bookstore! I enjoyed the wide selection in the Travel Lit section! The store is nicely organized and the staff is friendly and helpful. I will be back! -- VailLocal C.

Excellent bookstore with a very supportive and caring staff. A true pillar and gem of the community! -- Justin A.

Such a quaint well curated shop, dog friendly with really helpful staff. Came out with a few good reads. Keep small independent bookstores in business! -- garbanzo b.

It's so nice to have a physical bookstore. This is a very nice shop with helpful staff. I would rather support a local bookstore than pay less on Amazon! -- Monica W.

The best little independent bookstore in town.  The help was excellent. Bought The Fountainhead and The Hobbit.  Didn't pay an area and a leg. Highly recommend. -- Justin D.

I love visiting independent bookstores, so when my husband Matt B. mentioned Laguna Beach Books, where he'd bought a George Saunders book during an Orange County bachelor party weekend, I insisted on stopping by while we were in Laguna Beach. We managed to find metered street parking--not the easiest--and wandered in on a sunny Sunday, before leaving town.
The bookstore was lovely, with a cheerful, welcoming vibe and a whole lot of books. I spent some time browsing the fiction section and picked up a few books I'd been meaning to read, including The Stories of Breece D'J Pancake, a guy who wrote twelve stories then killed himself, and also whose odd middle name is actually the result of The Atlantic misprinting his initials. I'd heard good things about his writing years ago, but this was my first time coming across his book in a store. The fiction selection was great overall, and I really liked the recommended novels on display, were low key heavy on titles by women writers and writers of color, many of which would not be known to casual readers. There were also showcases of local writers, which I always appreciate. I noticed there was also an in-store reading happening that weekend. I know I depend on my local bookstores as literary hubs, and it seems like Laguna Beach Books plays that role here.
The people here were also super nice. I had a pleasant little conversation with the woman who rang me up, and she sent us off a few books richer than we were when we came in. I'd recommend this bookstore to anyone living in or passing through Laguna Beach, and will make a point of coming back whenever I'm in town. -- Steph C.

One of the best bookstores in the area! Awesome location right next to the beach and around some other cute little stores (my favorite coffee shop, the Koffee Klatch is really close) means that even when you're done in here you can walk around and explore. The atmosphere of the bookstore is cozy and friendly, the staff working it are always really helpful, and the selection is incredible. The organization of the books is clear and easy to follow, and the selection is really thorough. I've found some books here that I haven't really been able to at other, larger bookstores, so whoever curated their selection has stellar taste. Knowing that I'm supporting a locally owned business is also a big plus with shopping here! Finally, they have fairly frequent events with authors presenting their works which really add to the Laguna community. Overall, I'd recommend this place to anyone! -- Vasko Y.

I have come here two times now for a meet greet. The book store is cute the setup is nice. The staff is very friendly. The parking structure in the back is not that big tho. I would suggest getting there early for a meet and greet. Will be coming back -- Amanda M.

Still the best local owned bookstore. Lots of great books and best sellers. Always a great selection and they gave all kinds of recommendations for gifts and serious readers.  I've known the owner and staff for 20 years they are the best!  Also a great children's section. -- Rod G.

This is such a lovely bookstore. A cute and friendly mom/pop bookstore is a Unicorn. To have staff that is welcoming makes this a truly magical place. They have a great selection of non-fiction and local mades books. This is really a great place to stop. -- Veronica R.

The difference between a large bookstore franchise like Barnes and nobles and a cute privately owned bookstore like Laguna beach books is the personal experience that comes with the privately owned bookstore. The associate who helped me had a bright personality and patience to help me find the perfect book for my vacation in Laguna. Thank god I was advised against reading gone girl because I am tired of being disappointed in mass-read books (twilight, 50 shades, etc.) I picked up a copy of the magicians, by lev gross man, and as I write this from my pedicure chair, I'll tell you, I'm Hooked!!! The bookstore associates are readily available and will throw in their two cents upon request. Laid back, perfect for finding your next good read. -- Jessica D.